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My thoughts on SuPearls disbandment

What the hell? Remember when you promised SuPearls would debut on September 2012? You made your fans wait long enough then at the end to tell us SuPearls has disbanded. Many people, including me, have waited when each months has passed for these girls.

Do you know what you did? You probably put LEE HI and the other girl group at risk. You sacrificed SuPearls for them. The other girl group has no talent. Month by month, you built the hype for SuPearls, then just suddenly tell is us it’s never going to happen. There is a international forum  for SuPearls who worked very hard for your girls, they are are about to shut down because of you.

More people are invested emotionally in these girls than your other girl group. I highly believe you should drop out as a judge on KPOPSTAR2, you can’t promise anything so why are you going to recruit anyone? I hope Raccoon Boys make the right choice and choose not to go into your company.

To SuPearls,

 No matter where you are, or what entertainment you are in, us SuPearls fans will always be there for you. Even without Park Ji Min, or Lee Hi. You three are amazing, and you know you already have fans with you before you debuted.

                                                                  -   fysupearls/YGMuses’ founder